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How Social Media Points are calculated and converted to Money on Social Moni

Updated 9 June 2019 15:05

Since your social media points are very crucial to your earnings, you need to learn how to acquire points. You can get points by posting to your social media channels and by referring people to join.

Here is how we score you for each post you make.

When you post on Facebook (Page, Account and Groups), we consider Likes, Comments and Shares. If the content posted is a video, we also consider views.

When you post on Twitter, we consider Likes, Replies and Retweets. If the content posted is a video, we also consider views.

When you post on Instagram, we consider Likes and Comments. If the content posted is a video, we also consider views.

You get 3 points by default for posting exactly what you are asked to post. Failure to follow instruction clearly will lead to post being rejected and no point will be scored. You get extra points based on the performance of your post as explained below.

For LIKES: 0 Like=0 point. 1-19 Likes=1 point. 20-49 Likes=2 points.  50+ Likes=3 points.

For COMMENTS/REPLIES: 0 Reply=0 point. 1-19 Replies=1 point. 20-49 Replies=2 points.  50+ Replies=3 points.

For SHARES/RETWEETS: 0 Share=0 point. 1-19 Shares=1 point. 20-49 Shares=2 points.  50+ Shares=3 points.

For VIEWS on Video: 0 View=0 point. 1-5 Views=1 point. 6-10 Views=2 points.  11+ Views=3 points.

Therefore, a valid post can get a maximum of 15 points and a minimum of 3 points. An Instagram video can get a maximum of 12 points. An Instagram post can get a maximum of 9 points.

Affiliate Earnings

When you refer people through your link, you get 20 points free when the person gets his or her first 100 points.

Point Conversion to Money

At the end of every month, we check all the verified posts and referred users for every member and use it to calculate total points available. We also check all the income from Ads that were posted to get a sum. 60% of earnings are assigned for payout to members. We use this payout amount and the total point available to get a rate for every point.

For example, if the rate for June 2019 is N20 per point. If your total acquired point for the month is 5000 points, then your earning for the month would be 

N20 x 5000 points = N100,000

You can decide to withdraw the earnings and it will be processed for you and sent to your submitted account.

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