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How it Works - How to make money with your social media accounts on Social Moni

Updated 9 June 2019 14:41

With Social Moni, you can start making money with every post you make on your Facebook page, Facebook account, Facebook Group, Instagram and Twitter Pages (all known as social media channels).

Step One - Register and verify your account

It is very easy to join us. Simply register with an email and your name. After you have registered, you will see notification warning prompting you verify your email address. Simply check your inbox and click the link that was sent in there. If you have issues verifying your email, there are help guides on the email verification page to help you out.

Next, you need to verify your account by linking your bank account. Follow the notification warning to get this setup. This is all you need to be able to get started.

Step Two - Add and verify your channel

Channels are various social media accounts that you own. You will be posting Adverts to these accounts so we need to make sure you really own them, and that it meets our basic requirements. Our basic requirements are Facebook account with up to 1,000 friends, Facebook page with up to 1,000 Likes, Facebook Group with up to 1,000 members, Twitter Page with up to 100 followers and Instagram page with up to 100 followers. If you have any of those, you will be allowed on our platform to use them to distribute Adverts and make money. You can add as many as 20 different channels if you wish.

When you click on Add New Channel, you will be given a text to post to the channel. Once you do this and return a link to us, we shall verify the channel. Instruction on how to do this is available on the channel verification page. After the verification, you can post to the channel when any Ad becomes available. 

Step Three - Ad Distribution to MAKE MONEY

When you hear Ad, we refer to advertisements that you can post to your channels and make money. To start posting, you click on the Make Money link. If there is any Ad available for posting to any of your channels, it will be shown. If there are adverts, but no way to post to your channel, it will probably be because you have already posted it to the channel, or you have no channel that can post the Ad. For example, an advertiser may prefer that only Twitter pages can distribute a certain Ads. But you own only an Instagram channel. There is no way to take advantage of this, other than creating a new channel if you do have an Instagram account.

If you are eligible to post an advert, there will be a Post button beneath it. Click on the post button to see instruction on what to post to your social media channel. You can also preview this Advert to make sure it is something you would want to post to your channel, because of your followers. When you post an Ad, copy the link and send back to us. Instruction on how to copy a link is on the verification page. We shall verify this post after 2 days and score you some points. We allow your post stay up to 2 days before we score it, so as to give it time to get likes, comments, replies, retweets, views, shares etc. as these metrics increase your points.

Step Four - Getting Paid

At the end of the month, we calculate all your points and use it to determine how much you are paid. There is an explanation on how points are scored and converted to money on our Help Page.

You can also get points by referring people to register through your affiliate links. Click on your photo icon at the top right to see a drop down. Follow the drop down to see Affiliate/Referrals. There you will find your referral link and list of people you have referred.

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