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How it Works - How to Advertise on social media at very cheap rates with Social Moni

Updated 9 June 2019 15:00

Social Moni makes it easy for advertisers to distribute posts through many social media users at a very cheap rate, with higher conversion and reach. Our distribution channels range from Facebook Page, Facebook Account, Facebook Group, Instagram and Twitter pages. 

Freedom of Platform,  Budget, Duration and Payment

Advertisers are at freedom to pick where they wish their adverts to be distributed to, based on their preferences. We verify these channels, to make sure they meet some requirements before allowing them on our platform. The content that advertisers can distribute include website links, YouTube video links, text/write-up, photos and videos of products and services.

An advertiser is at freedom to determine how much he or she is willing to pay for each Ad. The more you pay, the higher the number of persons that would be selected to distribute your posts to their social media accounts. At the end of the campaign, we verify each post made on your behalf and share the performance with you. If there are invalid posts discovered, you will also get a refund which you can use to run future Ads.

There is room to leave instruction for distributors of your adverts, based on your preferences. For example, you may want them to include a certain #Hashtag in tweets, but not copy your exact tweet. This way, the hashtag will be made to trend on Twitter because a lot of persons are tweeting with it.

With our platform, you can make certain Hashtags trend on Twitter by asking several persons to tweet with it. You can sell your products and services or spread a message to promote a cause. The list of things you can do are endless. Simply register and get started!

Adverts can be scheduled to start on a certain, and end on a certain date. When the date for ending reaches, any unused fund will no longer be used to sponsor the Ads.The funds will be refunded. Also, any adverts posted by our distributors that did not follow Advertiser instructions are marked as invalid, and advertiser refunded!

Advertisers can use cards or bank to make payment. We also verify advertisers when the Ads might seem sensitive, so that we know who is promoting a certain cause, or spreading a certain information. 

Lower Spending - Higher Reach

With as little as N1,000, an advertiser can buy 10 postings for a text advert. Now, let us assume that 10 different persons with 1,000+ friends each posts this on Facebook, this advert has a potential of reaching 10,000 people. We may even get a better reach when we add the sharing which exposes the post to friends of friends. In the end, we sum up all Likes, Comments and Shares to get total engagements. Now with N1,000 (an amount less than 3 USD),  you may have gotten up to 10,000 reach and about 1000 post engagements on Facebook through Social Moni.

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